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Federal Reserve May Be `Central Bank of the World’ After UBS, Barclays Aid

Fed May Be ‘Central Bank of the World’ Reto Andreoli/Bloomberg UBS was the biggest borrower under the Commercial Paper Funding Facility, with $74.5 billion overall, more than twice as much as Citigroup Inc., the top U.S. bank recipient, according to the data released yesterday. UBS was the biggest borrower under the Commercial Paper Funding Facility, … Continue reading

Homeland Security Coordinated 18-City Police Crackdown on Occupy Protest

National Coordination Goes Against Protection of Local Accountability According to Oakland Mayor Jean said that 18 cities coordinated police crack downs on Occupy protests. Wonkette reports that Homeland Security likely organized the crack downs: Remember when people were freaking out over the Patriot Act and Homeland Security and all this other conveniently ready-to-go post-9/11 police state stuff, … Continue reading

“They” Are Studying You On Facebook

Before he became the new face of right-wing extremism in Europe, Anders Behring Breivik was just another guy airing his anti-immigration views online. On Monday, Breivik, who admitted to a killing spree in Norway in July, which left 77 people dead, faced his first public-court hearing. While Breivik may have acted alone, he was far … Continue reading

Department Of Justice: Make It a Federal Crime to “Lie” on the Internet

Obama’s Department of Justice will tell Congress today it should have the ability to prosecute people who lie on the internet. It wants to do this by making it illegal to breach the terms of service of websites. The DOJ’s deputy computer crime chief, Richard Downing, will argue that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act … Continue reading